Riverview Fencing


"Good" isn't good enough.


- Open six days a week, seven hours a day.


- Different levels of training intensity to suit your goals.


- Elite programs available via request or coach's invite.


- Classes and workouts designed to give you every advantage possible.




"If you're going to do something, do it to the greatest extent that you're capable of. Anything less is a disservice."


That's what the RFA training staff believes, and we're under the impression that you should too. That's why our programs here at RFA are designed with three goals in mind:

- to create physically dominant athletes

- to impart tactical and technical knowledge

- to ensure students are as tough mentally as they are physically



Our training levels:


Tier One:

- Two group sessions a week

- Tier One is designed for the beginner- an excellent way to get accustomed to RFA, and to get your feet wet in the fencing world.


Tier Two:

- Two group sessions a week, plus one private lesson a week

- Our most popular package, Tier Two is for the novice fencer. Two intense classes a week and a one-on-one lesson with our instructors all help to ensure that your fencer develops at a faster rate.


Tier Three:

- Four group sessions a week, plus two private lessons a week

- The package we most recommend, Tier Three is for the fencer who wants results.




- Can only be purchased with coach's permission.

- Unlimited group sessions, lessons, and one-on-one custom workouts

- Required per week:

- a minimum of five lessons a week

- a minimum of three workouts a week

- two local or one national-level competition per month

- The elite package is designed for fencers who dream of gold. Plain and simple.


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